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Picture above: A rock dionosaur and a real dinosaur: Steve Gibbons 2019 in Solnhofen, the place where Archaeopteryx was found. (Photo: Stefan Pürner)

The contributions on this website will gradually be translated into English. If a contribution you are interested in has not yet been translated, please try again later.

Newest articles:

  • „Chasing Tales“: Short stories in music that can (at least) keep up with Dylan’s „Rough and Rawdy Ways“
  • Steve Gibbons and the Beatles

Here you will find information about the career of musician Steve Gibbons as well as current information. This in the following sections:

The Steve Gibbons Story

  • Who’s Steve Gibbons? (quotes and reviews on Steve Gibbons)
  • The Steve Gibbons Story (life and career, structured by decades, from the 1940s to the present)
    • The 1940s: Birmingham lightning and unloved music lessons
    • The 1950s: Elvis enters the Building
    • The 1960s: From beat to psychedelia to rock: right in the middle of the „Brum“ scene – and a hit in Australia that doesn’t make money
    • The 1970s: The decade of success: First a failed supergroup, then the first solo album, SGB emerges, „Tulane“ in the charts, world tour with The Who
    • The 1980s: Rockin`all over the GDR: As the first white western rock band on tour in the GDR, appearance at the Rockpalast, „On stage“ with George Harrison
    • The 1990s: Rockin`all over Europe, „Radio Silence“ breaks radio silence, pilgrimage to Memphis and comeback with the Dylan Project
    • The 2000s At Abbey Road Studios with Elvis guitarist Scotty More and two Rolling Stones
    • The 2010s: Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia: Still on the road and success at home with „Brum Rocks


  • The records (albums and singles on vinyl and as CD. DVDs can also be found here).
  • Steve Gibbons live (announcements of gigs and concert reviews, but also information about TV appearances and concert recordings)
  • Further sources (links and literature on Steve Gibbons and the Birmingham rock scene)

Translated with (more than a little) help from http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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