The 1990s: concerts all over Europe, „Radio Silence“ breaks radio silence, pilgrimage to Memphis and comeback with the Dylan Project

Picture above: Steve Gibbons and Dave Pegg, Dylan Project. Courtesy of Tim Freeman.

The decade at a glance

Looking back on Steve Gibbons` career in the 1990s, his releases are mainly characterized by live albums and reminiscences of musical role models.

In addition, the foundation stone was laid for a side project that will have a loyal audience in concerts and on recordings until 2019.

However, right at the beginning of the decade, in 1990, „Maintaining Radio Silence“ was released, which – with the exception of the cassette „Tried ’n Tested“, which was only sold at concerts – was the first recording of original compositions since „Saints & Sinners“ in 1981.

Live LP at the beginning of the 1990s, live CD at the end of the 1990s

In addition, a live LP and CD (1990: „Riding out the Dark – Live in Hamburg“, 1990) was released at the beginning and end of the decade, and „Live at the Robin“ in 1998.

Own interpretations of role models

Otherwise, Gibbons devoted this decade primarily to cultivating his musical roots. At the beginning and end of the decade, the results of this work were once again made public on recordings.

In doing so, he paid tribute to his own role models, whereby he – according to the saying that tradition does not mean the worship of ashes, but rather the carrying on of fire – together with his fellow musicians, put a lot of his own into the songs.

Not „singing and playing“ was the aim, but his own interpretation.

Birmingham to Memphis

The first of these projects was a project that he realized with his own band and whose origins go back to the year 1991. In the summer of 1993, the album „From Birmingham to Memphis“ was finally recorded, which had been planned two years earlier and could be called „Dedication to Elvis and Others“ .

Apart from two original compositions and one Steve Earle and one Bob Dylan cover version each as a bonus, it mainly contains songs that belong to the first generation of Rock`n`Roll and that had been made famous by Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Bobby Vee and Eddy Cochran.

The Dylan Project

In 1998, after a concert with his former bandmate Dan Pegg, he chatted about Bob Dylan.

This was the origin of the Dylan Project, in which Gibbons, together with other renowned musicians, cultivated the musical work of his probably greatest musical role model, namely Bob Dylan. The formation of this group, which was active until 2019 and had recorded several studio and live CDs, was also a kind of „come back“ for Steve Gibbons.

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