The 1960s: From beat to psychedelia to rock: right in the middle of the „Brum“ scene – and a hit in Australia that doesn’t make money

The events during the 1960s „in a nutshell

Steve Gibbons sees the decade in which rock music exploded and the British version of it was reimported on a grand scale into the country of origin, the USA, in changing formations with musicians who – although they have neither his charisma nor his creativity – will later play in world-famous formations.

Perhaps Steve would say in reference to the well-known quote from Caesar: „I assure you I had rather be the first man in my own band than the second, third, fourth or even fifth man in any one elses“?

  • He starts out as an Elvis impersonator in Birmingham, then plays „British Rock`n`Roll“ at British troop locations in Germany, where he is influenced by Bob Dylan, and is involved in a single that some might call „the rarest UK ‚psychedelic`45″.
  • Another single by the Uglys, considered by some to be on „ear level“ with the Beatles („The Quiet Explosion‘ is a lost psychedelic classic complete with freaky organ and echoey bass. This was certainly ahead of its time when considering The Beatles had only just started experimenting with strange sounds on their ‚Revolver‘ album“)
  • A first attempt to go on tour in Finland ends with hours in prison (a second one succeeds, after all).
  • Gibbons, obviously not without success, tries his hand as a wind musician. And at that time he already develops his trademark as a reciter, who doesn’t sing, and doesn’t only interpret songs with considerable acting qualities – but lives them.
  • Some singles emerge, which, for reasons that those who still remember them today can’t understand, can’t get into the charts.
  • One of these singles was on the right track. At least 800 of them are selling every day! Then a typical British phenomenon gets in the way: a strike, which – just when it started to „run“ – interrupted the distribution.
  • Nevertheless, one is often a guest on British TV shows.
  • At the end of the decade, Gibbons is (briefly) a member of a group that was planned as a supergroup on the drawing board, but then disappeared from the scene without a sound.

The most important stations in detail

In the following, the most important stages of Steve Gibbons‘ career in the 1960s are described.

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