The Steve Gibbons story at a glance

In the section „The Steve Gibbons Story“, the life and career of Steve Gibbons is told in decades. It tells about his bands, especially the Steve Gibbons Band, his solo projects and the collaboration with other musicians, including world stars.

To get to the corresponding decade, please click on the corresponding year.

– The 1940s: Birmingham Blitz and unloved music lessons

– The 1950s: Elvis enters the Building

– The 1960s: From beat to psychedelia to rock: right in the middle of the „Brum“ scene – and a hit single in Australia that doesn’t make money

– The 1970s: The decade of success: First a failed supergroup, then the first solo album, SGB emerges, „Tulane“ in the charts, world tour with The Who

– The 1980s: Rockin`all over the GDR: As the first white western rock band on tour in the GDR, appearance at the Rockpalast, „On stage“ with George Harrison

– The 1990s: Rockin`all over Europe, the album „Radio Silence“ breaks radio silence, pilgrimage to Memphis and comeback with the Dylan Project

– The 2000s At Abbey Road Studios with Elvis guitarist Scooty More and two Rolling Stones

– The 2010s: Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia: Still on the road and success at home with „Brum Rocks“

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