Return to a changed „Brum“ – Old contract forbids new records, but live it is all happening – The Steve Gibbons Band is formed (1972 – 74)

Mods, as they were probably not rare in the audience of the Steve Gibbons Band (source of the contribution picture: Sergio Calleja Brum has changed After the end of The Balls, Steve Gibbons had returned to Birmingham and - as his solo record had gone largely unnoticed - was looking to join a band.... Weiterlesen →

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Picture above: A rock dionosaur and a real dinosaur: Steve Gibbons 2019 in Solnhofen, the place where Archaeopteryx was found. The articles on this website will gradually be translated into English. If a contribution you are interested in has not yet been translated, please try again later. Newest articles: Donegan is gone: Anniversary of the... Weiterlesen →

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