The 2000s at a glance: Live with Scotty Moore, Bill Wyman and Ron Wood, „Chasing Tales“-CD, „Brum Rocks“ concerts and Live DVD

In the 2000s, Steve Gibbons turned sixty. So he could have been slowly preparing for retirement. But the opposite was true.

Not only that he still performed a considerable amount of gigs, but furthermore also two late highlights of his professional life fell into this decade. In addition to that his work and the work of other Brum Beat- and Rockpioners was recognised by another book entiteld „Brum Rocked On!“ by Laurie Hornsby,

  • One of these highlights consisted of a live performance in the Abbey road studios with a band in the background which consisted of Scotty Moore, Bill Wyman and Ron Wood. And therefore looked like being put together from different parts of the Olympus of rock history: a little bit of Elvis, a little bit of Beatles and two teaspoons of Stones.
  • And the other, four years later (2008), is „Chasing Tales“, probably his most mature album which is not only a compilation of songs, but a well thought-out and detailed elaborated collection of musical stories with a common basic tone. Had the title not already been given to his first solo LP, this recording could have been called „Short Stories“.

The same year saw the launch of „Brum Rocks Live“, a series of concerts in which Gibbons, along with other veterans of the 1960s Brum scene, was to revive the wild times around Alexes Pie’s stand in sold-out halls across the country.

And the year after that, in 2009, he again left clear musical traces in Germany (more precisely: in Nuremberg, where he had given his biggest German concert as support act for The Who in 1979, and in the neighbouring city of Fürth)

  • with an acclaimed performance in front of a historical backdrop at the Bardentreffen, one of the most beautiful open-air music events in Germany and
  • the recording of a live DVD in the intimate atmosphere of the Fürth suitcase factory.

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