The 1970s: The decade of success: Failed supergroup, first solo album, SGB is born, „Tulane“ in the charts, world tour with The Who, Zeppelinfeld 1979

The 1970s become the decade of success for Steve Gibbons. But it didn’t start out so promisingly:

  • The plan to create a Birmingham supergroup with The Balls ended in endless sessions that led to just one single and finally to the break-up of the group.
  • Afterwards he records   „Short Stories“a highly acclaimed solo LP with top-clas accompanying musicians: A lavishly produced masterpiece which does not find its way into the record shops
  • Furthermore, he has to realize that a gagging contract, which he signed too lightly, hardly leaves him the freedom to record new records.

But soon the tide turns:

  • With the formation of the Steve Gibbons Band (SGB), things start to move upwards, first in the local area where they gained an excellent reputation as a live band.
  • When Pete Townsend of The Who became aware of the group and The Who’s management took care of them, they also became visible on the international scene.
    As support act of the Who the SGB tours the USA with groups such as Little Feat, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Electric Light Orschestra (ELO), The J. Geils Band and Nils Lofgren.
    And finally they can also score in the local British charts: With Tulane, a Chuck Berry cover, They get a real hit.
  • Music lovers in Germany will probably remember the performance at the open air festival on Nuremberg’s Zeppelinfeld (Zeppelin Field) in 1979, which was also the performance of the group with the largest audience.
  • By the way: As far as Germany is concernde. more public-effective than the performance on the Zeppelin Field was the performance of the Steve Gibbons Band (SGB) in 1979 in the „Musikladen“, one of the few niches for rock music in what was then exclusively public television. There the band not only played one song in front of an audience of millions, but also gave a short concert with seven songs.

The following LPs were released in the 1970s :

  • Short Stories (solo) 1971
  • Any Road Up (1976)
  • Rollin`On (1977)
  • Caught in the Act (Live) (1977)
  • Down in the Bunker (1978)

We report on this in the following chapters:

Here you will find the overview concerning the 1980s.

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