Scandinavia tour with Handikap, „Musikladen Extra“, solo performance with Pete Townsend, the Nuremberg Zeppelin Field and Best-of-LP with different country compilations (1979)

"Down in the Bunker" was a big hit with the critics. Realistically, the band's joy about it might have been limited, because the record company, which had pre-invested a lot in the production and the advertising campaign, wanted to see a good return-of-investment before renewing the record deal. That's why tours to promote the album... Weiterlesen →

„Down in the Bunker“: Preliminary artistic highlight with a lot of new things (which nevertheless fit the „old“), but only in Scandinavia becomes a sales hit (1978)

Image above: Replica of an advertisement of the record company for the album "Down In The Bunker". (More about this ad in the text) After "Tulane" a lot changed - also the appearance of the band With the chart placement of "Tulane", the Steve Gibbons Band finally had a pound to grow with - one... Weiterlesen →

One of the Boys“: Steve Gibbons writes and Roger Daltrey sings the „1977 My Generation“ (1977/III)

Source of the picture above: Screenshot Cover yourself and let others cover your songs While the Steve Gibbons Band was on its way to the top twenty of the British charts with the cover version of the Chuck Berry song "Tulane", the cover version of one of Gibbons` own songs also made a name... Weiterlesen →

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