Just one night: Steve Gibbons Band back in Germany

Steve Gibbons has made himself scarce in Germany. The last time he was heard there was as a member of the „Allstar Band British Rock & Blues Explosion“ in Bavaria shortly before the pandemic. Now there is the absolutely rare chance to hear the 82-year-old with his own band and his own repertoire in Germany.

This time, too, you have to go to the south of the republic, to Fürth to be precise. There, on 31 October, the band will give its first, and for the time being only, concert in Germany for a long time. Steve and his band are more or less at home in the „Kofferfabrik“ there. Among other things, they recorded their live DVD „Live at the Kofferfabrik“ at this venue.

The reason why the band is always drawn to Fürth, and thus to Franconia, is that they have a diehard fan community there. This can be traced back, among other things, to a highly acclaimed performance at Nuremberg’s Zeppelin Field, where the band’s line-up at the time opened for The Who alongside rock giants like AC/DC and the Scorpions.

The press announcement of the concert on 31 October speaks of a „must-see“ event at which „THE rock narrators of all“ would perform. We have nothing to add to that.

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