The German Concert 2022

The Steve Gibbons Band recently gave their only concert in Germany this year in Fürth. We can only report on it from hearsay, as the Corona virus forced us to stay at home at the concert date. So here are the most important things that reached us.

The Steve Gibbons Band performed with John Alan Caswell (guitar), who is a studio musician at Abbey Road, Simon „Smudge“ Jason Smith (bass) and Roy Adams (drums) from the Climax Blues Band. As is often the case with their concerts, the band played surprisingly few original compositions (on this evening, these included the hymn to the motorbike „BSA“ built in Birmingham, Steve Gibbons‘ hometown, the slightly obscure story of „Mister Jones“ with his mysterious package that might contain „Love Potion no. 9“, and the ode to Chuck Berry and the impact of his songs on driving abilities „Chuck in my car“.

From other authors the band played songs by The Who (a group that played a major role in the history of the Steve Gibbons Band as supporters) and – of course – Bob Dylan. From the latter, there were such diverse pieces as „She Belongs to Me“, „Just Like a Woman“ and „Watching the River Flow“ to be heard.

As usual, Gibbons garnished the songs with theatrical monologues. It must have been a gripping but also very intimate concert. The atmosphere in the „Kofferfabrik“ certainly contributed to this. As Alexander Jungkunz wrote in his concert review in the „Fürther Nachrichten“, the „Kofferfabrik“ is Steve Gibbons‘ „German living room“. Steve Gibbons must have felt very familiar too, after all, the chief of the Kofferfabrik Udo Martin had him flown in especially for this only concert in Germany.

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