Steve Gibbons Band finally live again

The Steve Gibbons Band is still top. And soon they will be playing "on the top of the UK", namely on the (almost) northernmost point of the British Isles. To be precise: North of the British Isle, on Orkney Island. There the band will be performing on Sunday 19 September at Stromness Town Hall. We... Weiterlesen →

Rockin` the Vallemaggia Festival

A rolling stone gathers no moss. This is true not only for the Rolling Stones themselves (by the way: did you know, that two of whom have supported Steve Gibbons as vocalists in a very special concert?), but also for the Brum rocker Steve Gibbons. Despite pandemic-related difficulties, he performed with the all-star band "British... Weiterlesen →

Steve Gibbons turns 80 (13. July 2021)

Steve Gibbons, about whom it was often written during the most successful period of his career in the 1970s that he could have gone far because of his talent if he wasn't already so old turns 80. From today's perspective, when the Stones and Paul McCartney (there are links to both in Gibbons' career) are... Weiterlesen →

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