„Down in the Bunker“: Preliminary artistic highlight with a lot of new things (which nevertheless fit the „old“), but only in Scandinavia becomes a sales hit (1978)

Image above: Replica of an advertisement of the record company for the album "Down In The Bunker". (More about this ad in the text) After "Tulane" a lot changed - also the appearance of the band With the chart placement of "Tulane", the Steve Gibbons Band finally had a pound to grow with - one... Weiterlesen →

Archaeopderyx, Bambi & Rock`n`Roll: On the Road with the British Rock & Blues Explosion featuring Steve Gibbons and others (2019)

The somewhat different "50 years of Woodstock" concerts On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival many concerts took place, where songs from that time were played as original as possible. The concerts of the British Rock & Blues Explosion, which took place in November under the motto "Woodstock meets Bavaria", were... Weiterlesen →

Steve Gibbons und die Beatles

(You may find an English version of this article here)   Steve Gibbons und die Beatles Am 10. April 1970 erklärte Paul McCartney, dass er kein Mitglied der Beatles mehr sei. Für manche Fans war dies die Urkatastrophe der Rockmusik, und der wahre Tag, an dem die Musik starb. Für uns ist dieser Tag Anlass,... Weiterlesen →

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