Steve Gibbons Band at very last Butlin`s British Blues & Rock Festival

The Steve Gibbons Band played alongside groups such as Ten Years After, Gerry McAvoy’s Band of Friends, Full House (Frankie Miller’s Band), Animals And Friends and the Climax Blues Band at the British Rock & Blues Festival at Butlin’s in mid-January ( Full line up here:

Sadly, this was the last festival in this series which has been running for more than the quater of a century.

The organisers have announced that they will not be continuing this traditional series of events, because the profit gained from it was too low. (A press report stated that Butlin`s generates more income from concerts by cover bands than from the performance of originals nowadays.)

By the way, Steve Gibbons donated the proceeds from the sale of his merchandise at this event to Ukraine relief. Thanks for that!

More about the 2023 festival can be found here.

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