Birmingham, 6th Nov. 2022: Award Ceremony Walk of Stars

The news of the awarding of a star on the Birmingham Walk of Stars has gone viral on the internet.
Therefore, we do not need to report in detail here.

However, as a service to our visitors, we would like to offer a number of links here that allow you to get an impression of the award ceremony for yourself.

(As usual, we have to make a disclaimer here again: We assume that the content to which the links we have found freely on the internet are legal. If this is not the case, please let us know so that we can delete the links in question).

For an introduction to the topic, we recommend this report on the award ceremony in black an white (!), which also contains whimsical comments by a visibly moved Steve Gibbons (How was it: „Having said all of that his greatest talent is his grin!“).

The next clip is in colour and also gives a good impression of the atmosphere of the event

After the ceremony s the band gave a concert with the following songs
-No Money down (Chuck Berry cover) the
– Johnny Cool
– She Belongs to Me (Dylan cover)

  • Natural thing
  • Mr. Jones
  • Summertime Blues (Cover)
  • BSA
  • Tulane (Chuck Berry Cover)

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